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You want to consult the product,call the hotline.
0755-8696 6851

1. In case of any failure of the product you purchased, please contact the post-sales Department of Primestone Network in first time;

2. If the problem is caused by quality of the product upon confirmation of after-sales personnel of Primestone Network, you are required to provide SN No. of product, quantity and consigner information, and send express to the maintenance center of our company;

3.After receiving the failed product, the maintenance center of Primestone Network will repair the product within 3 workdays (in case of any difficulty and complex problem, time for maintenance will be extended, and we will contact you in first time).


Detailed information of the maintenance center is as shown below:

· Address: F1-8B, TCL International E City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

· TEL: 0755-86966830

· FAX: 0755-86966851


· Contact person: Maintenance Center of Primestone Network



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