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How should the solutions for intelligent E-police system on the road of safe city be developed?

Date: 2016-09-12
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How should the solutions for intelligent E-police system on the road of safe city be developed?


Introduction: With rapid economic development, continuously increased urban traffic roads and greatly increased road traffic flow in China, the increasingly serious violation phenomena of motor vehicles greatly threaten personal safety of the masses, and also impact normal urban traffic order. Simple management by traffic polices cannot meet the modern traffic management requirements for creating good urban traffic environment and improving status of urban traffic. On this premise, level of modernization of expressway and urban traffic management is required to improve, and high-tech means are urgently needed to enrich and strengthen traffic management level.

How should the solutions for intelligent E-police system on the road of safe city be developed?

I. Overview of the solution

Targeted by the governance of road traffic offense, high-performance and high reliability embedded devices and advanced video detecting and license plate recognition technologies will be adopted for the red light running E-police solution that integrates red light running vehicle detection and picture capture and transfer, to provide powerful enforcement basis for urban public security traffic management department, so as to effectively prevent traffic violations, reduce the resulted accidents, deter the driver violating traffic rules, and promote virtuous cycle of traffic order. As a set of software and hardware system, this system takes full use of computer technology, vehicle detection technology, image processing technology and communication technology, to automatically detect, capture, store and process the vehicles that run the red light at the intersection.

II. Solution architecture

The ERPS looped network design mainly based on G.8032 standard of ITU (International Telecommunications Union) is adopted by this system. IS2210 rail-type managed industrial switch is used in the sub-control box on the side of each road. Down-link 100M twisted pair is accessed to the equipment on site, and up-link gigabit optical fiber is accessed to the IS3412 rail-type full gigabit industrial switch in the main-control box at the intersection. IS3412 in the main-control boxes of all crossroads will gather in the central computer room. The data information will be transmitted to the traffic command center or the central system of E-police through IS5428 rack-mounted full gigabit three-layer switch in the central computer room.

How should the solutions for intelligent E-police system on the road of safe city be developed?

III.  Features of the solution

l Equipment on the site of intersection provided with the capability of working under -4085 wide-temperature environment can adapt to various severe traffic scenes;

l For ERPS looed network design, failure recovery time of the looped network is less than or equal to ≤20ms. In case of any communication failure, the data will be transmitted through the redundant link, to improve redundancy and reliability of the network;

l Redundant dual power input design is adopted for the equipment in this solution. In case of power failure of one power supply caused by human or natural factors, another one will continue normal work, and data transmission through communication system will not be influenced;

l For Hierarchical bandwidth design, IS2210 is used for equipment of access layer; 100M is set up for downlink, and gigabit is set up for uplink, in order to completely eradicate the data congestion due to data burst in the upward interface;

l As one of the topology designs with shortest transmission delay and highest redundancy and reliability at present, the design of optical fiber looped network guarantees not only rapid and real-time transmission of data business, but also reliability of communication transmission.

IV. Functions of solution

l Oversized backplane bandwidth of 56Gbps, switching cache of 4.1Mbits and learning ability of 8K+MAC;

l Equipment management modes of CLI, WEB and SNMP, and NIS-128 centralized network management software of NIS-128 of Primestone Network are supported to synchronously manage and monitor all equipment in the net;

l Hardware BSP storm relieving dip switch functions are supported to control broadcast, multicast and unicast traffic;

l Input of redundant dual DC variable-frequency power supply, and rail-type installation of DIN;

l Warning output of 1-way relay, supporting power supply and port alarm;

l Bypass function, no packet loss when equipment power outage;

l Level 4 industrial IEC61000 series standard authentication design, MTBF≥10 years;

l International standard protocol supports standards of IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.1X, ITUG.8032, IEEE802.1D/W/S, etc.

How should the solutions for intelligent E-police system on the road of safe city be developed?

V. Successful road traffic case in Bengbu City

Scientific, normalized and modern general deployment for the management of public security system is implemented to improve road traffic management level and security monitoring and safeguard ability of Bengbu City. As required by Bengbu government and Bengbu Traffic Police Group, perfect road traffic and public security monitoring and command system will be established at important intersection in the city.

This project is conducted to supplement, update and reconstruct traffic safety facilities at the intersection. The current status: Traffic markings have become blurred and traffic signal monitoring facilities have become shabby and damaged or have lost at more than 10 intersections including the intersection of Zhihuai Road-Zhucheng Road, intersection of Fengyang Road-No. 3 Jiefang Road, intersection of No. 2 Daqing Road, etc. The traffic signal monitoring facilities at above intersections will be updated and reconstructed in accordance with the current situations of the roads. The main contents include: E-police system, signal control system, video capture system, intelligent vehicle monitoring and recording system, public security speed trap system, etc.

Core network of the central computer room in this project has been built in advance, optical network of China Telecom operator is rented as the transmission network, and the communication devices of Primestone Network are used for on-site access layer and convergence layer in the computer room. The main devices to be used include IFC702G industrial fiber optical transceiver, IFC9000 rack-mounted fiber optical transceiver and IS2210 rail-type industrial switch, etc. Road situation of Bengbu City has been greatly improved through months of stable operation. Supported by speed trap license plate recognition system, road monitoring system and mobile E-police system, the red light running capture system plays an important role in traffic management of Bengbu City.

At present, as an integrated security technology and protection system consisting of technical protection system, material protection system and personnel protection system, safe city becomes a complex for completing security protection under cooperation and interaction of many systems. Different technological means in the aspects of social resources, major regional resources and intelligent transportation are adopted for the road E-police intelligent system of Shenzhen Primestone Network Technologies Co., Ltd., to better achieve the public security application requirements of “high definition, intelligence and networking”.





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