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Solution of HD Speed Trap

Date: 2016-05-10
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The HD speed trap system generally installed in the middle of the road will measure vehicle speed and take HD pictures, quickly capture over-speed vehicles, accident vehicles, rules breaking vehicles and vehicles in the black list, and meanwhile record composition of vehicles, traffic distribution and other information on highway. Typical network organization of HD speed trap is as shown in the picture below:

Solution of HD Speed Trap

Network industrial switch of IS2000 or IS3000 series is suggested to be installed at the front end, and rack-mounted industrial switch of IS5000 series is suggested to be installed by the command center. Main characteristics of this scheme are as shown below:

The industrial switch with large cache capacity can ensure to transfer HD video and pictures to the command center smoothly without break;
It shall be provided with strong QOS ability, and be able to distribute different bandwidth for video, picture and other data information, in order to not cause mutual interference;

It shall be provided with network management ability, to greatly alleviate network maintenance workload in later period.

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