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Comprehensive monitoring scheme

Date: 2016-05-10
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In the construction of safe city and smart city, it always needs to implement grid-enabled deployment and control in the street, community and other public sites by installing directional box cameras and panoramic dome cameras in all deployed control points, in order to provide the service of sharing image resources for urban management, anti-terrorism and emergency handling, stability maintenance and disaster relief, emergency command, etc.

In consideration of the scattered deployed control points, remote optical fiber is used to collect information of all deployed control points. The rack-mounted fiber optical converters is usually deployed in the central station room, and the stand-alone fiber optical transceiver is installed in the deployed control point at the front end.

It is suggested to consider adding an industrial switch at the front end to improve the number of network access ports, when a single deployed control point is accessed by multiple cameras.

Comprehensive monitoring scheme

Characteristics of solution :

◆Adopting rack-mounted fiber converters in central station with high port density, save space.

Deploy independent industrial-grade fiber converters on the front end, and select suitalbe optical module for different distance requirement to support flexible networking.


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