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Cable & Fiber Series

上市日期: 2017-02-04
Detailed product description


Primestone network provides high quality Cable and fiber patch cord for industrial communication products , such as industrial Ethernet switches and industrial media converters, etc. not only can ensure reliability, security and stability for industrial network, but also to bring networking flexibility and convenience for maintenance.

Key Features


Varied cable and fiber patch cord

CAT5,CAT5e,CAT6,CAT6a, shielded, non-shielded cable

Multiple connector type, LC,FC,SC,ST .single mode and multi mode optional

5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters patch cord optional

Tested and certified by independent agency ETL / SEMKO

Lead-free skin, flame retardant materials, CM fire rating

Class 1 laser product, compatible with EN 60825-1, RoHS




UL listed file no.E138034 ETL verified TAI/EIA-568-B categorg5e

Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature:-20℃~ +70

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Pressure:300 volts AC or DC

Order Information


No. 33.06.0004

ITPC5E-RJ45-RJ45-5m:CAT5EUTPRJ45-RJ45 patch cord5m

No. 33.06.0005

ITPC5E-RJ45-RJ45-10m:CAT5EUTPRJ45-RJ45 patch cord10m

No. 33.06.0006

ITPC5E-RJ45-RJ45-15m:CAT5EUTPRJ45-RJ45 patch cord15m

No. 33.06.0007

ITPC6-RJ45-RJ45-5m:CAT6UTPRJ45-RJ45 patch cord5m

No. 33.06.0008

ITPC6-RJ45-RJ45-10m:CAT6UTPRJ45-RJ45 patch cord10m

No. 33.06.0009

ITPC6-RJ45-RJ45-15m:CAT6UTPRJ45-RJ45 patch cord15m

No. 33.06.0010

ISTPC5E-RJ45-RJ45-5m:CAT5ESTPRJ45-RJ45 Patch cord5m

No. 33.06.0011

ISTPC5E-RJ45-RJ45-10m:CAT5ESTPRJ45-RJ45 Patch cord10m

No. 33.06.0012

ISTPC5E-RJ45-RJ45-15m:CAT5ESTPRJ45-RJ45 Patch cord15m

No. 33.06.0013

ISTPC6-RJ45-RJ45-5m:CAT6STPRJ45-RJ45 Patch cord5m

No. 33.06.0014

ISTPC6-RJ45-RJ45-10m:CAT6STPRJ45-RJ45 Patch cord10m

No. 33.06.0015

ISTPC6-RJ45-RJ45-15m:CAT6STPRJ45-RJ45 Patch cord15m


No. 33.06.0001

OFC-S-3-FC-SC:fiber patch cordFC-SCsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0002

OFC-S-3-FC-LC:fiber patch cord,FC-LCsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0003

OFC-S-3-ST-LC:fiber patch cord,ST-LCsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0016

OFC-S-3-ST-ST:fiber patch cord,ST-STsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0017

OFC-S-BIDI-3-ST-ST:fiber patch cord,ST-STsingle mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0018

OFC-M-3-ST-ST:fiber patch cord,ST-STmulti mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0019

OFC-M-BIDI-3-ST-ST:fiber patch cord,ST-STmulti mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0020

OFC-S-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LCsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0021

OFC-S-BIDI-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LCsingle mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0022

OFC-M-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LCmulti mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0023

OFC-M-BIDI-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LCmulti mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0024

OFC-S-3-SC-SC:fiber patch cord,SC-SCsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0025

OFC-S-BIDI-3-SC-SC:fiber patch cord,SC-SCsingle mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0026

OFC-M-3-SC-SC:fiber patch cord,SC-SCmulti mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0027

OFC-M-BIDI-3-SC-SC:fiber patch cord,SC-SCmulti mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0028

OFC-S-3-LC-SC:fiber patch cord,LC-SCsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0029

OFC-S-BIDI-3-LC-SC:fiber patch cord,LC-SCsingle mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0030

OFC-S-BIDI-3-LC-SC:fiber patch cord,LC-SCsingle mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0031

OFC-M-BIDI-3-LC-SC:fiber patch cord,LC-SCmulti mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0032

OFC-S-10G-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LC10GEsingle mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0033

OFC-S-10G-BIDI-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LC10GEsingle mode, single fiber3m

No. 33.06.0034

OFC-M-10G-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LC10GEmulti mode, dual fiber3m

No. 33.06.0035

OFC-M-10G-BIDI-3-LC-LC:fiber patch cord,LC-LC10GEmulti mode, single fiber3m



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