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上市日期: 2017-02-03
Detailed product description

IST6000 series rack-mounting time servers meet the requirement of high precision time in communication industry, support IEEE-1588V2, receiving time information from GPS/Beidou or extend satellite. Providing time service for other devices, IST6000 series support NTP main clock service and multiple time output ports. Achieve network protection through the serial port / network port. Support abundant user interfaces like CLI, SSH, WEB, SNMP, etc.

IST6000 series support 1 x 1000Base-TX,1 x 100Base-TX, 2 x SMA ports, and 8 x RS485 ports. By using of Beidou(BDS) or GPS external time signal to built internal standard reference time, and through OCXO or rubidium atomic clocks, built up mechanism of time-tame. IST6000 can be used for coal/mining industry, 3G/4G communication system, power system, distribution automation, aviation system where need precision time.

Key Features


1 x 1000Base-TX,1 x 100Base-TX, 2 x SMA ports, 8 x RS485

IEEE-1588V2, time precision up to 50ns

Pass through non-1588 network,10 grade time precision<200ns

Support 1000 slave clock at same time, 64 packets/s sending request

Support to receiving clock information from GPS / Beidou or extended satellite source

Reliable multisource algorithm, ensure the output time is precision

Supports PTP V2, Network accurate time output signal




Port Information

1 x 1000Base-TX,1 x 100Base-TX, 2 x SMA ports, 8 x RS485

Console Port:1 x RS232, 115200 Baud rate

Antenna Port: 2×GNSS,50Ω,SMA interface

PPS/IRIG-B(SMA interface): two

IRIG-B port(485 bus):8

Power Interface:5 PIN,5.08mm , terminal block

TOD input/output:4



Dimensions:44 mm(H)×302.5mm(D)×485 mm(W)

Mounting:DIN rail


Protection Grade:IP60

Cooling mode: Fan-less, natural cooling

Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Relative Humidity:5% 95% (non-condensation)

MTBF : 500000 h

Power Requirement

Operating Voltage:DC 24/48V

Redundant protection:dual power supply

Power Consumption:Full-load<15W

Clock properties

Support GPS and Beidou dual mode clock input

4 way TOD input/output

2 way configurable PPS/IRIG-B output

Clock quick lock(30s

PTPV2(IEEE1588-2008,time precision up to 50ns

Support NTP

Unicast and multicast timing modes

Supports common clock, boundary clock, transparent clock (E2E, P2P) and so on

Support transparent pass through non-1588 network

Client Capability: 1000 Clients, 64 messages per second;

Timestamp accuracy: <= 8ns

Supports clock measurement and monitoring functions

Frequency Accuracy: Tracking GPS for PRS / PRC level, <= 20ns, keep(normal temperature)1×10-11

Time Accuracy: Tracking GPS<50ns

GPS frequency: 1575.42Mhz

Management and maintenance


LLDP automatically topology

LLDP automatically topology

TFTP/FTP upgrading, log and record upload

Maintenance:port mirroring

Alert output:power, port and loop alert


Indicator Light

Run indicator:RUN

Alarm Indicator:Alarm

Power Indicator:PWR1,PWR2

Port Status Indicator:Link/ACT, Speed


5 Years

Order Information

No. 01.06.0006

IST6000-0101011E02GN02PP08IR04TOP3T95S3SX.X.X:1 x 1000Base-TX,1 x 100Base-TX, 2 GNSS antenna ports,50Ω,2 PPS/IRIG-BSMA port,8 IRIG-B ports 485 BUS



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