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上市日期: 2017-02-02
Detailed product description


CP1000-0401E1P2EAHSS2SX.X.X is Commercial PON terminal, MDU product oriented to FTTB networking, which meets with international standard of IEEE802.3ah,Communications industry standard of the People's Republic of China(YD/T 1475-2006,and EPON device CTC standard of China Telecom. The MDU supports good inter-community and operability, and can inter-communicate with OLT devices from mainstream manufacturers.

CP1000-0401E1P2EAHSS2SX.X.X PON terminal is located at access layer and boundary aggregation layer ,support 1 EPON port, 4 x 100Base-TX port, 1 way relay alert output, metal shell, anti-thunder, dust-proof, good dissipation ,adaptive to install in outdoor cabinet, resident passage way, basement or courtyard.


Key Features

1 x EPON port,4 x 100Base-Tx

Different SLA parameter configuration for different users and services

Bidirectional, 1.25Gbps Upstream/1.25Gbps Downstream

Remote management, on-line inquiry

Compact size, low power consumption, EMC level 4

AC( 220V) convert to DC(12V) power adapter, over current protection

-20℃ to +65 operating temperature, adaptive to harsh environment

IP20, high strength metal shell, fan-less, low power consumption



Port Information

Port:One Bi-directional 1.25Gbps PON PortSC/PC; 4 x 10/100Base-TX RJ45, auto-negotiation;

Console Port:One RJ45 serial debug port

Alarm Port:DC JACK



Dimensions:165 mmW× 120 mmD×30 mmH

Mounting: Wall-mounting or placing


Protection Grade:IP20

Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature:-20℃~ +65

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Relative Humidity:5% 95% (non-condensation)

MTBF : 500000 h

PON Properties

PON port speed:up-link and down-link symmetry, 1.25Gbps

Covering radius: 20km

Optical connector type:SC/PC

Optical physical condition:1000 BASE-PX20

Receiving sensitivity:-30dBm

Security:ONU support MAC address authentication, Optical power detection DDMI, 1000BASE-PX20+ standard

Software Features

Spanning tree:STP/RSTP

Multicast: IGMP Snooping V1/2/3, controllable multicast

VLAN:4K VLAN, Q in Q, Access, Trunk, VLAN Stacking, VLAN Translation

QOS 802.1p Cos, DSCP, 4 priority queues, SP, WRR scheduling discipline, traffic classification, port rate limit, DBA

Storm Suppression:Broadcast storm suppression, Unknown-Multicast suppression and Unknown-Unicast suppression.

Port mirroring:one-to-one port mirroring , 0ne-to-multiple ports mirroring

Flow control:Full duplex IEEE 802.3x, half duplex back-pressure flow control

ACL:Port-based, IP-based, MAC-based, VLAN ID-based

Security:Defend against DoS, 802.1x

Management :CLItelnet/SSH/Consolelogin, WEB graphic management interface, RMONRemote MonitoringMIB, SNMP v1/2. Alert information support relay output, Trap output and Syslog output mode

 Power Requirement

Supply mode:AC( 220V) convert to DC(12V) power adapter

Operating Voltage:DC 12V

Power Consumption:Full-load<2W

Rated Current:0.5A


Indicator Light

Power indicator:P1P2

System Running Status Indicator:SYS

Alarm Status Indicator:ALM

PON Port Registration Indicator:LINK

PON Port Fault Indicator:LOSS

Port Status Indicator:Electrical Port ACT/SPD(14)


5 Years





Order Information


No. 01.07.0002

CP1000-0401E1P2EAHSS2SX.X.X:One GE PON port, 4 x 100Base-TX; power adapter DC 12V



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