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上市日期: 2017-02-01
Detailed product description


IF6000 series are Industrial Boundary Firewall, and developed by Primestone independently, which meet the industrial design requirements. Featuring mature technology and open network standard, oriented to industrial 4.0 era, the IF6000 series are new generation gateway, and fully assure L2~L7 level security.

By adopting X86 multi-core hardware platform, and combined with user identification of single-path parallel processing, application identification and detection engine, the IF6000 series analyze user, application and content deeply to provide a high-performance, visualization, accurate and effective security system for application layer.

IF6000 series are located at core layer boundary, support 4 layers nested bandwidth management, intelligent link load balancing management, with hot standby and HA VRRP capability, flexibly deployed in network environment like transparent, NAT, VPN, multi-export, dual-link, which help user to facilitate business while simplifying the security architecture of network. IF6000 series are the best choice for network security.


Key Features


6 x 1000Base-TX, 2 x GE slots( 8 ports) ,2 x 10GE slots (4 ports)

Adopting high-efficiency protection technology, attack feature library, virus library tree-form storage, flow scan processing, zero-copy parallel stream processing, and etc.

User-based and application-based integration protection, identification of user and 4 - 7 layers parallel protection, multiple dimensions protection

IP/MAC binding, Radius, certifications of LDAP ,Portal and Wechat, SMS gateway

Support more than 3000 pre define attack features, real-time update online, resistance of worm, SQL, overflow attack.


Port Information

Port:6 x 10/100/1000Base- TX, RJ45; one card slot, support GE/10GE interface card

Power interface: Power supply by cabinet,(support redundant dual power supply)

Console Port:One RJ45 serial debug port

USB Port: two USB3.0 ports

Power interface:AC socket



Dimensions:44 mm(H)× 245 mm(D)× 440 mm(W)

Mounting :19’standard rack-mounting


Protection Grade:IP30

Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature:0℃~ +65

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ +75

Relative Humidity:5% 95% (non-condensation)

MTBF : 500000 h

Switching Properties

Backplane bandwidth:256Gbps

Throughput capacity:108Gbps

Buffer Capability:56Mbits

Package forwarding rate:81Mpps

 Power Requirement

Operating Voltage:AC 85264V

Power Consumption:Full-load<30W

Network Features

transparent、routingmixture working mode

Support physical port、BVI portVLAN portaggregation porttunnel portloopback port, PPPoE, DNS clientDHCPDNS server

Static/dynamic route(RIPOSPFBGP4

IPv4/IPv6 protocol stack, NAT66,cross-protocol conversion NAT64 and NAT46

Basic Firewall

TCP based、UDP based and ICMP scan protection

Common DOS resistance, TCP Flood resistance

Protocol-based long connection management

Support firewall policy base on Interface/security domain, address, user, service, application, time.

Hacking Resistance

Hack attack, worm/virus, Trojan, malicious code, spyware/Adware, DoS/DDoS

buffer overflow、SQLIDS/IPS escape

Attack feature library classification(classify target computer system on the basis of attack type ,gradinghighmediumlowprompt

Manual and automatic upgrade of attack signatures database(TFTP and HTTP)

Support P2P / IM identification and control like BT

Virus Resistance

Detect on the basis of virus features, virus library upgrade by manual/auto


Virus types:BackdoorEmail-WormIM-WormP2P-WormTrojanAdWareVirus

Virus log and record

VPN Features

VPN based on L2TP、SSLIPSec/IKE


Manual or IKE automatic build security association

ESP,DES、3DESAES encryption algorithm

MD5 and SHA-1verification algorithm

IKE main mode and aggressive mode

NAT traversal

DPD detection


Indicator Light

Power indicator:P1P2

System Running Indicator:SYS

Alarm Status Indicator:ALM

Port Status Indicator:ACT/SPD118, optical port: 112


5 Years

 Order Information

Main device

No. 01.09.0001

IF6000-P7S96S3FX.X.X:industrial 19’rack-mounting boundary firewall main device1Usingle power AC 220V

Interface Module

No. 01.09.0003

IFM6000-04T2PAS9HBSU:4 x 10/100/1000Base-T(X) RJ45

No. 01.09.0004

IFM6000-04O3PAS9HBSU:4 x 100/1000Base-FX SFP slots(not include SFP)

No. 01.09.0005

IFM6000-08T2PAS9HBSU:810/100/1000Base-T(X) RJ45

No. 01.09.0006

IFM6000-08O3PAS9HBSU:8 x 100/1000Base-FX SFP slots(not include SFP)

No. 01.09.0007

IFM6000-04T204O3PAS9HBSU:4 x 1000Base-T(X) RJ45; 4 x 1000Base-FX SFP slots(not include SFP)

No. 01.09.0008

IFM6000-02O9PAS9HBSU:2 x 10GBase-X SFP slots(not include SFP)

No. 01.09.0009

IFM6000-04O9PAS9HBSU:4 x 10GBase-X SFP slots(not include SFP)



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