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IFC1000-020001 DIN-Rail Series

上市日期: 2017-02-02
Detailed product description


IFC1000-020001 DIN-Rail Series are 100M unmanaged industrial fiber converter, in accordance with industrial design requirements. By means of mature technologies and the open network standard, it is adaptive to both low and high temperatures, characterized by strong anti-electromagnetic interference, and DC (12-48V) power supply input terminal, so as to meet the harsh requirements for working environment on industrial sites, and provide efficient, reliable and quick solutions for the industrial Internet of Things.

IFC1000-020001 DIN-Rail Series are located at access layer, and configured with 1 x 100Base-TX, and 1 x 100Base-FX. It applies to various on-site environments with flexible networking, and is widely applicable to various industrial application scenarios, such as industrial control automation, traffic control automation, building automatic control systems, mining automatic control systems, oil field control automation, control automation of hydro-power stations, control automation of electric power systems and computer room monitoring systems, so as to create a stable, reliable and efficient, rock-solid industrial Internet of Things.

 Key Features


1 x 100Base-TX, 1 x 100Base-FX

IEEE802.3/802.3u/802.3x , store and forward

10/100M, Full/Half duplex, MDI/MDI-X auto-negotiation

Link status indication

Redundant dual power supply, resist reverse connection, over currency protection

-40℃~+85 operating temperature, adaptive to harsh environments

IP40,DIN-Rail, high strength metal shell, low power consumption


Port Information

Port:1 x 10/100Base- TX, RJ45; 1 x 100Base-FX, 1x9,(SC or FC optional)

Power Interface:4 PIN,5.08mm , terminal block



Dimensions:115 mm(H)× 96 mm(D)× 34 mm(W)


Protection Grade:IP40

Mounting:DIN-Rail mounting

Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Relative Humidity:5% 95% (non-condensation)

MTBF : 500000 h

Switching Properties

MAC Address Table:8K

Forwarding mode:Store-and-forward

Backplane bandwidth:14Gbps

Transmission Distance

Twisted-pair:100Mstandard CAT5/CAT5e cable

Multi-mode Fiber: 850nm,2Km; 1310nm, 5Km

Single-mode Fiber:1310nm,20Km; 1310nm, 40Km;1310nm,60Km; 1550nm, 80Km

Power Requirement

Operating Voltage:DC 12~48V

Rated Current:0 .080.12A

Power Consumption:Full-load<2W


Indicator Light

Power indicator:PWR

Port Status/connection status Indicator:optical port , electrical port : ACT/SPD


5 Years



IFC1000-020001 DIN-Rail Series

Order Information


No. 01.02.0039

IFC1000-020001EMPCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,single mode, dual fiber, SC(20km)

No. 01.02.0052

IFC1000-020001E1PCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,single mode, single fiber, SC(20km)

No. 01.02.0053

IFC1000-020001BMPCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,multi-mode, dual fiber, SC(2km)

No. 01.02.0054

IFC1000-020001B1PCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,multi-mode, single fiber, SC(2km)

No. 01.02.0055

IFC1000-020001FMPCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,single mode, dual fiber, FC(20km)

No. 01.02.0056

IFC1000-020001F1PCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,single mode, single fiber, FC(20km)

No. 01.02.0057

IFC1000-020001CMPCEAHSSU: 1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,multi-mode, dual fiber, FC(2km)

No. 01.02.0058

IFC1000-020001C1PCEAHSSU1 x 100Base-TX; 1 x 100Base-FX,multi-mode, single fiber, FC(2km)



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