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上市日期: 2017-02-03
Detailed product description


IWLC5000-0800T1P7TAH3WX.X.X is the next generation intelligent security wireless controller which integrates security, wireless, and enterprises applications, and developed by using hi-performance Cavium processor.

The wireless controller provides real-time management features of local and remote wireless access points and terminals, and rich functions such as wireless roaming. At the same time, the simple and secure cloud deployment plan provides reliable support for the interconnection and integration of enterprise business. Support powerful wireless security control, innovative wireless intrusion prevention (wIPS), wireless firewall, and enterprise-class data encryption and authentication scheme, which fully ensure the safety of enterprise wireless network.

IWLC5000-0800T1P7TAH3WX.X. X works with CW2000 series and IW3000 series APs, to provide comprehensive security purification capability for factory and enterprise wireless systems. It can effectively detect and eliminate the interference caused by illegal wireless devices (base stations and terminals). Can be widely used in industrial environments like factories, corridors, petrochemical, mining, and in commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants, business districts , etc.

Key Features


8 x 10/100/1000Base-TX,RJ45

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System(wIPS,wireless firewallwFirewall

Support multiple authentication methods(Portal+RADIUS,wechat,SMS,802.1x

Maximum support 256 access points,16,000 wireless users access

AP deploy dispersedly ,active discovering, simple figuration template, centralize configuration, unified sending

Abundant, innovative security wireless cloud deployment solution, meet the zero-management requirements of middle and small-sized enterprises, branches




Port Information

Port:8 x 10/100/1000Base-TX,RJ45

USB Port:two standard USB port

Console Port:one RJ45 debug serial port

Power interface:one AC socket port



Dimensions:310mm×430mm× 44.5mm

Mounting: Rack-mounting


Environmental Requirement

Operating Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Storage Temperature:-40℃~ +85

Relative Humidity:5% 95% (non-condensation)

MTBF : 500000 h

Power Requirement

Operating Voltage:AC 100~240V


Power Consumption:Full-load<25W


centralized management AP number(set):256

centralized management SAP number(set):128

Wireless users number:16,384

wFW concurrent connection:maximum 600,000

wFW new connection(/s):10,000

wFW handling capacity: maximum 2G

wVPN 3DES encryption:500M

wVPN tunnel number:1,000

Maximum VLAN:4,096

Software Features

Security feature


802.1x,MAC address authentication

Support built-in Portal external Portal

Support wechat authentication, SMS authentication, QR code authentication

Support Radius authentication, local authentication

Radius Server switch and backup

Billing and authentication is separate

Wireless intrusion prevention

Wireless network security monitoring:
Wireless devices, topology discovery, wireless channel statistics;

Wireless configuration error monitoring: wep, wps, wds, ad-hoc;

Rogue AP monitoring, illegal wireless scanning detection monitoring, wireless deceptive monitoring;

Wireless DOS attack monitoring, abnormal wireless message monitoring, man-in-the-middle attack monitoring;

security incident strategy based on wire and wireless

wIPS probe:

Automatically or manually starts, support single or double frequency

Wireless Firewall:

Protocol state detection, support wireless attack detection engine;

Support full NAT function;

Support static routing and policy routing

Do not emission radio wave when detecting;

Support the pseudo-radio wireless wave to implement blocking;

Support security events, to send screen prompts, e-mail and other security alerts;
update and upgrade wireless security event library

Bandwidth control for specific objects based on policy;

Differentiated traffic information and other security features according to different protocols

Wireless feature

Support Chinese/English SSID; hide SSID

Support L2 wireless user isolated

manual/automatic adjust channel

Power manual adjustment

AP load balancing

application layer accelerate

optimize multicast;high density access scene optimization

AP low-speed terminal access optimization


Indicator Light

Power indicator:PWR

Port Status Indicator: ACT/SPD(1 8

System Status Indicator:SYS


5 Years

Order Information

Wireless AP

No. 01.04.0008

IWLC5000-0800T1P7TAH3WX.X.X:8 x 1000Base-TX, support up to 256 SAPs; single power supply, AC 220V

Software license

No. 04.03.0015

IWS-1.0:wireless access management software V1.0

No. 04.03.0016

IWFS-1.0:wire/wireless integration firewall system software V1.0

No. 04.03.0017

IWPS-1.0:Wireless Intrusion Prevention System V1.0

No. 04.03.0018

IWL-1.0:wireless access management authentication V1.0

No. 04.03.0019

IWLP-1.0:wireless probe management authentication V1.0



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