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Super industrial network management system is coming in the industrial 4.0 era!!!

Date: 2016-12-09
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With increasing of information globalization, the network becomes more and more important, and operation management and maintenance of the network is increasingly challenged. An important topic of an enterprise is to find the methods to effectively manage network. With rapid development and increasing scale of information network, the requirements for functions of modern network management become more and more complex, and the importance of real-time network performance monitoring is more concerned by people.

As an integrated network management system launched by Shenzhen Primestone Network Technologies Co., Ltd., NIS system supports multiple network nodes, and is able to intensively manage all network products that support SNMP protocol. Standard protocol is adopted by NIS to be compatible with other network products. Centralized management is conducted for all products in the network by NIS centralized management software, to facilitate configuration, timely find network failure and topology change, and give an alarm, so as to provide safe, efficient and rapid management for the whole network.

Super industrial network management system is coming in the industrial 4.0 era!!!

system characteristic

Support the client-side environment with the system above Windows XP, memory above 2G, and main frequency of CPU above 3GHz.

Support Windows Server/Linux, java6 and the server system above these versions.

It is able to click to add all devices in the network or designated devices to the network management by one click, and input management devices or range of network IP.

Support LLDP, ICMP and ARP technologies, neighboring router and other physical topology discovery technologies, intelligently analyze network topology structure, and automatically sketch a real network physical topological graph.

Be provided with a visual topological graph interface, support multi-level network views and device views, and show real connected relations between devices.

 Super industrial network management system is coming in the industrial 4.0 era!!!

Topological Graph of Functions of NIS Network Management System

Super industrial network management system is coming in the industrial 4.0 era!!!

intelligent monitoring application scenarios of Expressway

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