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GPRS Solution of Factory Automation

Date: 2017-06-07
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Industrial data collection is very important, but due to the data location is decentralized, collect data by cabling is not convenient and high-cost, by using GPRS can solve the problem, data collection point placed a Primestone 2G/3G/4G Modem, which can upload data to control center through GPRS network.

GPRS Solution of Factory Automation



Outdoor installed, high-reliability and maintenance free is required

Designed to stand up to the harsh environment, resist high and low temperature, dust-proof, anti- vibration, damp-proof anti shocks

The equipment installed in unattended circumstance, Prevent from illegal access and data destroy

GPRS Solution of Factory Automation


High-reliability, high-practicality, reduce production cost and maintenance cost

Widely used GPRS network, multiple applications to choice Industrial grade standard, high-reliability, operating temperature-25℃~+75℃

High-security, support WPA/WPA2 encryption, MAC filtering blacklist /white list, standard RADIUS server ports


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