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Solutions for Food Processing

Date: 2017-06-07
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Food processing adopt automatic production and intelligent management, to improve productivity and quality. Higher automation好多, means higher productivity, and food more safe. food processing automation system including food automation production system, monitoring system, environment monitoring system, and office system.

Processing automation system: the production, processing, packaging are complete by a series of automatic equipment, improved productivity and ensued food safety. Administrator online monitoring and remote management.

Monitoring and environment monitoring system:setting camera system in workshop and warehouse, installing monitoring and alarming system of air and microbial, these systems can provide workshops and warehouse real time monitoring or alarming, ensuring the production specification and food safety.

Office system: office system ensures informatization management, stable working network can improveoffice efficiency, secure data.

Solutions for Food Processing


High reliability, ensuring food processing application running steady. Comply with safety specification, no hazardous gas Resistance high and low temperature, dust-proof, damp-proof, anti-corrosion are required Provides reliable redundant network, failure recovery fast and alarm

Anti-electromagnetic interference, working well in electromagnetic interference workshop

Monitoring workshop, provides enough bandwidth and forwarding performance The equipment installed in everywhere, Prevent illegal access and data destroy

Solutions for Food Processing


High-reliability, industrial level 4 design, MTBF≥10 years, Comply with safety specification, no hazardous gas

Adopt international looped network standard protocol, ERPS ring network protection recovery <20ms

Operates under extended temperature range up to -40℃ to +85℃, anti-corrosion, dust proof, anti-salt mist, anti- vibration, anti-shocks

Redundant dual power import, avoid reverse connection, over current protection

High panel bandwidth, big buffering memory, to ensure data transmission steady

High-security, support 802.1x authentication access, prevent from illegal access, different grade operation password protection, ACL control strategy


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