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Application of EPON/GPON network in distribution network automation

Date: 2017-06-06
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EPON combined Ethernet technology with PON technology, which is not only has Ethernet service, but also can prevent electromagnetic interference, thunder attack, and networking flexible. So that it is commonly used for city power distribution. EPON networking connects distribution main station system with every terminal substation system by PON, to upload and download information, putting OLT beside transformer substation, by using POS splitter and ONU to distribute and collect data. PON is pure medium network, which is good at anti-electromagnetic interference, and anti thunder attack, it also has broadband for fiber transmission, Good communication capacity, low transmission loss.

Application of EPON/GPON network in distribution network automation


Outdoor installation, designed to stand up to the harsh environmental and extreme temperatures, damp-proof, dust proof are required

Meet the requirement of Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic capability

The equipment installed in unattended circumstance, product quality is required

Data collection, telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, monitoring multiple service signals, service classification is required.

ONU must support dual PON port, support redundant protection

ONU must with RS232/485 ports, provide multiple serial ports

ONU can transparent transmit IEC61850、CDT、DNP and other information protocols for power



High reliability, industrial level 4 design, operates under extended temperature range up to -40℃to +85℃, dust proof, anti-salt mist, anti- vibration, anti shocks MTBF≥10years

Dual PON, dual MAC, hand in hand looped network protection, failure automatic switch-over and recovery time<50ms

Support RS485/RS232/RS422

Meet with IEC61850、CDT、DNP protocols, support data transparent transmission

Meet with IEC61850,IEEE1613 anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic interference compatibility (EMC)

PON broadband networking, security, anti electromagnetic interference, and anti-thunder attack

PON network is high reliability, from ONU to OLT without other ONU forwarding, single ONU failure not affect the other ONU's running


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