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Video Monitoring Transmission System of Expressway

Date: 2017-06-06
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Video monitoring system is need to provide uninterrupted dynamic information change of areas, such as tunnel, intersection, toll gate, turning, accident prone area. Deploying such large scale video monitoring control system requires knowledge of network infrastructure and communication. Primestone is engaging in R&D of industrial communication products, producing, and technology guidance, by using of mature optical communication technology, to form a HD fluent video monitoring system.

Video Monitoring Transmission System of Expressway


Industrial network redundant technology, fault switch time<20ms, automatic failure link recovery

TAG VLAN and IGMP snooping function, increase bandwidth availability ratio

All GE fiber backbone network, meet with exra large video traffic transmission

High grade industrial design, wide voltage input, anti vibration, damp-proof, hardware protection High reliability , unattended operation ability are required.

Standard industrial ports protocol, with good extension, compatibility, reliability


S2000 series switch used for expressway, connect with HD camera of every node directly, IS2000with multiple standard 100M Ethernet ports, used to connect with front camera to collect video image, multiple Gbps fiber ports can up-link backbone network, and used to form redundant ring network topology, high-bandwidth, redundant link can meet with the requirement of large number of video transmission. IS2000 with the function of tag VLAN and IGMP snooping. Tagged VLAN marks on every frame, and then send video to regulated destination VLAN, so no need to configure video stream at every physical port, save processing capability up to higher transmission efficiency. in addition, IGMP snooping by means of removing multicast blocking, to reduce produce of multicast message. On account of long distance, many sections on expressway, Primestone suggests using 100M video collection in access layer device , GE fiber port to form converge and backbone network, adopt ERPS protection technology,

network failure link switch time less than 20ms,ensure video data no package loss, and keep video control system working steady.

Video Monitoring Transmission System of Expressway


Abundant, reliable, multiple redundant technology (ERPS.EAPS.MST)

Mature security mechanism, TAG VLAN and IGMP snooping

Extra back panel and buffer memory, ensure all GE high bandwidth, fluent without blocking transmission

Anti-interference, anti-corrosion, resist high and low temperature, unattended operation

Whole network meet with GB/T 30094-2013 national standard Extra long frame, jumbo frame transmission, meet with various video compression algorithms

Small Cabinet dimension, multiple ports, single area multi-node DIN -rail mounted


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