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Network Transmission system of bridge lights control

Date: 2017-06-06
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Bridge lights system needs to adjust lights brightness, colors, on/off time according to the weather. Because of the features of lights nodes are closed, long distance, and lots of sensors, to deploy such lights system with high density nodes, need to provide excellent products, and abundant BUS interface model. Primesotne provides serial servers meet various BUS interface models, collect data from sensors on the bridge, through Ethernet ports and fiber ports to

form redundant topology, ensures light system work steady.

Network Transmission system of bridge lights control


Ultra-large capacity of MAC address study quantity

Open BUS interface type, meet with data collection of different sensors

High-standard industrial design, anti-vibration, anti shocks, damp-proof, anti-corrosion, operates well under harsh environment

Automatic inspection, quick and effective to locate failure node, and alert output failure message.


Serial server with 4 serial ports, multiple Ethernet ports and 2 fiber ports, 4 serial ports provide a cost-effective flexible solution. Ethernet ports is use to converge BUS data collect from latest nodes, fiber ports is used to hand-in-hand extend installation distance of Backbone network switch IS3000 is used for expressway, its MAC address capacity number up to 8000, IP40 protection grade, fully overcome the problems of big node density, salt mist, corrosion, long distance, same like serial servers with the functions of automatic inspection, alert output ,log, that can quick check the failure location, maintain conveniently for post-sales staff.

Network Transmission system of bridge lights control


Automatic inspection, alert output failure message, quick locate failure node 4 serial ports, used to connect sensors of various BUS ports Hand-in-hand fiber cascade structure, simplify cabling structure, cost-effective ultra-large capacity of MAC address, any node can be extended

Industrial level 4 design, anti-mist anti-vibration, anti shocks, anti-corrosion


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