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Traffic Snapshot Data Transmission System of Expressway

Date: 2017-06-06
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Traffic Snapshot Data Transmission System of Expressway, with functions of red light snapshot, over-speed snapshot, reverse drive snapshot, illegal lane change snapshot, peccancy of traffic line snapshot, video monitoring. Cameras installed in every toll gate, over-speed prohibited road, and tunnels, the plate information of peccancy vehicles will be snapshot, store and upload to management center.

The management center will output a peccancy list after intelligent analysis, and distribute the peccancy list to every toll gate and traffic police stations. The transmission of Picture data and peccancy list need a high-reliable and uninterrupted network during the whole processing.

Traffic Snapshot Data Transmission System of Expressway


Wide range working temperature-40~+85℃ , adapted to various extreme climate

Long distance fiber transmission, link circuit backup, recovery, quick switch

Extra frame transmission, adaptive to large frame transmission generated by MJPEG/MPEG/H.264/H.265 algorithms

Wide voltage input, can shield long distance circuit transmission, voltage attenuation


In Data Transmission System of Expressway peccancy Snapshot, long distance transmission and redundant network are two key points. At every intersection, loop sensor connected with flashlight and trigger IP camera to snapshot. Every snapshot node joins up to IS2000 for data transmission. Two nodes connect with unit ERPS ring network, switching time<20ms

IS2000, IS3000 equipped with multiple fiber ports, in order to form a fiber looped network, long distance data transmission, meanwhile, these two switches support extra frame transmission, can meet with requirement of snapshot burst frame. Combined with Mac addresses of snapshot nodes on switch, enable IGMP snooping to filter multicast data, secure nodes and processing capability of switch.

Traffic Snapshot Data Transmission System of Expressway


Extra long frame transmission, decrease the failures of wrong capture, miss capture

Wide range working temperature, high and low temperature resistance, DIN-rail installation, Small size, more ports, easy deployment

ERPS.MAC combined, IGMP snooping security protection

All equipment meet GB/T 30094-2013 national standard

Open industrial design, seamless joint to legacy system and extended system

Support STP, ERPS, QOS, ports converge


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