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The Tram Integrated Data Network

Date: 2017-06-06
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Data Communication System is the network platform of tram operation and customer service, it is also the nerve system of normal running, which ensured the train running is fast, safe, and on time. Normally, communication system should ensure the train running efficiently, provides good

quality service; It should be changed to command communication system for rescue and accident handling under abnormal condition. Tram communication system is consists of communication transmission system, private/official telephone system(both),wireless communication system, time system, information network system, CCTV, broadcasting system, PIS system, integrated dispatching system, power supply and lighting protection and grounding system, as well as communication lines, that is a comprehensive service network which can transmit voice, data, images and multimedia information.

The Tram Integrated Data Network


Tram data network is the most important backbone subsystem of comprehensive communication system, and it is the basis of every system networking. As the main transmission network of weak current system must with the capacity of various information transmission, Tram data network should have the transmission capacity of voice, data, image from every system.

Traffic signal control system: Secure the tram operation. Highest priority to transmit and encrypted transmission

AFC System: Provides security encrypted data transmission for ticket selling and checking, hi security, continuity.

Video Monitoring system: installed HD cameras at every station, intersection, tunnel, to monitor the train running status real-time, so that, high bandwidth, extra long frame, big cache communication network is required

Broadcasting System: Provides real-time broadcasting for internal train, station platform, control center, data load bearing network should isolate voice data, and transmit data fast and real-time. PSCADA: It is the core guarantee of tram, monitor every substation, transformer, controller realtime, PSCADA data acquisition, transmission network required a network that with double linkage redundancy, high-real-time , and high-precise time synchronization.

Wireless Application System: meet the requirement of wireless connection on the train, such as media, broadcasting, internet surfing, that required the wireless communication system reserved corresponding transmission channel and capability.


The comprehensive data network of Tram adopt Primestone's industrial Ethernet transmission equipment, the system provide looped network protection channel logically, by using the cable to form a self-healing loop, that improve the reliability of the system . Link aggregation power substation, the neighbor power substation installed switches connected with nearby station, control center and every aggregation power substation composed a fiber self-healing loop, meet the requirement of uploading to control center, which from every station and power substation. Tram signal subsystem adopt Primestone's IST2000 series time switch, ensuring all signal systems precise and synchronous, up to 100ns Tram data network should support VLAN division and different service QoS, meet the requirement of real-time and different bandwidth. Providing host/backup VPN encrypted tunnel according to using requirement , Every node of communication network can provide 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet port , Self-diagnosis is required, fault management, performance monitoring, system management, quality management, configuration management . Reserve communication ports for other Trams, control center and external service department.

The Tram Integrated Data Network


IS8000 backbone core 10Gigabit L-3 industrial switch, 10GE backbone transmission link IST2000 patent Time switch, precise synchronization up to 100ns Support VPN,L-3 routing, IPSEC,MPLS set up private tunnel for different requirement Support ERPS,VRRP,LACP link loading and redundant technologies IP40 protection grade, EMC level-4 design, industrial looped network redundant character, ensured data transmission stable IEC61850 certification, served subway, high speed train etc.


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