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Passenger Information System (PIS)

Date: 2017-06-06
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With the development of WLAN mobile communication technology, the subway train can keep uninterrupted communication with ground control center at the speed of 120KM/h, that makes PIS system is possible, modern PIS system, besides display text information of passenger notice or train schedule in carriage, and also can play stock information, media news, live games, advertisements etc. In case of emergency, such as fire, block and terrorist attack, PIS system can provides dynamic guidance for urgent evacuation. PIS as a visual communication platform between subway operator and passengers, all of the media flow can not appear mosaic images, voice not smooth, this is required wire network, train-ground wireless network have enough bandwidth and good QOS protection mechanism, meanwhile network reliability is required, even though the network outage should not effect PIS system running.

Passenger Information System (PIS)


In order to keep the HD of images, fluent voice, monitoring picture complete, vehicle-mounted communication network use high-stable 100M bandwidth, train/ground wireless communication system comply with 802.11b/g/n 5.2G frequency range, not less than 100M stable transmission bandwidth.

Communication devices must meet with international standard EN-50155 certification

Vehicle-mounted switch through M12 ports, support POE power supply technology are required

Vehicle-mounted AP seamless switch track side AP data roaming are required

Train/ground wireless transmission support 802.11b/g/n 5.2G frequency range

Safety and solid installation, operating under vibration condition

Quick restart, top-speed response to accelerating system of train


Vehicle-mounted switches is IR2000 series rail exclusive switches, through 100M M12 ports connect to cameras, speakers, LED display screens of carriage, IR2000 series meet with IP67 protection grade, and support DIN-rail mounted, rack- mounted, safe and stable, it also can be provided POE power supply, and full 100M bi-direction transmission. Vehicle-mounted AP is IW3000 series wireless products, with high IP grade, can extra add 2 feeder lines to strengthen the signal and extend the cover range; using 5G wireless frequency, evade the wireless frequency of rail control system. Avoid interference, by using of 802.11n to provide 300M transmission bandwidth. Management center by using of WLC to centralized management and register for track side AP, and host and backup with the neighbor WLC, once the host controller fault, the backup controller can take over all of the functions of host controller immediately, enable the functions of IGMP snooping and multicast pre-registration, dynamic multipoint switch without packet loss.Passenger Information System (PIS)


Whole network equipped with IR2000 series products meet with EN50155 certification standard

High density M12 ports, support 802.3at standard POE power supply technology

Extra back panel bandwidth, extra buffer memory, link speed forwarding without packet loss

802.11b/g/n standard wireless channel, 5G frequency range, seamless roaming

IGMP snooping and multicast pre-registration, record function are required

Full Gbps 512 ways WLC wireless controller management, dual devices host/backup redundant

Ip67 protection grade, operating temperature range is -40℃~+85℃

Isolated dual power supply input, AC/DC


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