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Subway AFC Network Communication System

Date: 2017-06-05
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AFC(automatic fare collection system)is an automatic ticket selling and checking system, which based on computer technology, information collection and processing, machine manufacturing. AFC functions including ticket selling, collection, charging, statistics, clearing, and management. AFC help to improve the operation efficiency and benefits of subway system for subway operators. As the basic and important system of subway operation systems, AFC require reliable communication network.

Subway AFC Network Communication System


  • Because of the features of subway like long running time, high speed, and openness, every station passengers passing rate is high, tickets selling and checking times is very frequent. AFC communication system should have mechanism of fast response.

  • Reliability, stability, extra long MTBF

  • National standard protocols

  • Redundant network topology structure is required, trouble free and continuous running

  • Based on store-and-forward, prevent data loss during transmission

  • All equipment with features of high-reliability and compatibility, seamless compatibility or extend service node

  • Electromagnetic compatibility, high-reliability, high stability are required


Deploy IS2000 series switches on the front end, connect with every ticket selling and checking devices through100M FX, 10 Gbps SFP fiber module installed in the fiber ports of IS2000 and IS3000 switches, to form a ERPS ring network, switching time less than 20ms, provides a reliable AFC data transmission .At AFC clearing center, we suggest to use IS5000 series switches, full 10 GE fiber module ports, converge AFC fiber links from stations, to ensure the backbone links from clearing center to every station are full 10 GE fiber network , formed a rapid data transmission network with the features of high bandwidth, high stability, and high reliability. Primestone's switches in AFC network system, all support SNMP, WEB browser, CLI order, SSH, Telnet to centralized management. Remote log in, port mirroring, remote monitoring and status monitoring are convenient for maintenance.

Subway AFC Network Communication System


  • Core node use IS5000 GE fiber switches, connect to police private network

  • Static router, RIP, OSPF, router control and filter is available

  • Port binding, IGMP snooping, DHCP snooping

  • Automatic intercept attack, attack alert, attack protection

  • Rapid ERPS looped network topology, fault link switch time≤20ms

  • VRRP, external/internal network dual redundant mechanism, high-reliable of communication

  • Extra back panel bandwidth, extra buffer memory, link-speed forwarding without packet loss

  • All equipment is fan-less, IP40 protection grade

  • Industrial level 4 hardware design, MTBF≥10years


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