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Subway Police Communication Network

Date: 2017-06-05
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Police Communication Network should meet with the requirements of voice, data, image service of subway police office, Police Communication Network is the extension of national police communication. Police Communication Network includes transmission subsystem, wireless communication subsystem, computer network subsystem, telephone subsystem, monitoring subsystem and power supply subsystem.

Subway Police Communication Network


Police Communication Network is a transmission platform of providing data and video information between subway police station and subway stations, meanwhile, interconnected with city police computers, data communication is available. The system installed in good place, but still required high reliability and high-stability; Police Communication Network should connect with external Internet, and information security and anti-virus are required.

Extra stability, reliability, safety, IP40 protection grade 3 layers router, flow filtration and isolation

Static router, RIP, OSPF

Looped protection, MAC mirroring binding, ACL

Anti-hacker attack, attack alert, attack intercept

Unified network management.


Deployed police wireless communication system by using of IW3000 series wireless AP, IS2000 used for monitoring, power supply, telephone systems; IS5000 used for OA system, computer system, and converge data from other subsystems. Through fiber ports connect to police fiber private network, make sure the data communication, remote control for every police office in subway stations. Authenticate layer 3 function of IS5000 to protect router control, flow filtration, isolation, IGMP snooping, DHCP snooping, layer 2 configured ERPS looped network to realize failure node automatic recovery, layer 3 configured VRRP, maximum improve the safety, redundancy, reliability

Subway Police Communication Network


Core node use IS5000 GE fiber switches, connect to police private network

Static router, RIP, OSPF, router control and filter is available

Port binding, IGMP snooping, DHCP snooping

Automatic intercept attack, attack alert, attack protection

Rapid ERPS looped network topology, fault link switch time≤20ms

VRRP, external/internal network dual redundant mechanism, high-reliable of communication

Extra back panel bandwidth, extra buffer memory, link-speed forwarding without packet loss

All equipment is fan-less, IP40 protection grade

Industrial level 4 hardware design, MTBF≥10years


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