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Subway Communication Backbone Network

Date: 2017-06-05
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Rail transit is consist of many subsystems , such as rail route, stations, trains, maintenance base, power supply and transformation, communication transmission, command-and control; data communication among notes need a reliable, uninterrupted, high-bandwidth, high-redundant, compatible, and manageable backbone network. And, the communication between systems also need high-reliability, compatibility, manageability, hardware can resist thunder interference, temperature variation, dust, and vibration are required; software should have the abilities of hacker attack resistance, access filtration, safe channel protection.

Subway Communication Backbone Network


  • Subway operation need a backbone network with the features of reliability, redundancy, safety, compatibility to connect OA system of every station, video meeting system, attendance system . Every backbone network is fiber connection

  • Internal LAN of stations connected by cable

  • Multiple services network division, according to different service, for reliability and safety

  • Office network, video meeting network and CCTV network all running independently

  • Extra high backbone bandwidth and backbone redundant network backup route are required

  • Core switch meet with every subsystem to provide VRRP


Deploy IS5000 series switches in computer room, connect with office computers, video meeting, attendance system through high density electric ports; by using of IGMP, MAC port binding technology to protect the office network safe. All switches in access layer connect with IS6000 series core switches through full Gbps fiber ports, VRRP operation for converge business types. Every station serial connect with operation center by using of fiber cable through IS6000 10Gbps fiber ports, ensure the communication system bandwidth is about 10Gbps of the whole subway backbone network.

Subway Communication Backbone Network


  • Extra high back panel, extra forwarding capability, support10Gbps FX

  • Support VRRP +/ BGP/MPLS/VPN3 layers communication protocols

  • Routing strategy, ACL, route-map, DMZ are supported

  • Support the 2 layers protection of IGMP/MAC port safety

  • Isolated dual power supply redundant input, seamless failure switch

  • Excellent service team, rapid fault response

  • Visual unified management


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