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Subway Integrated Supervisory Control System

Date: 2017-06-05
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Subway Main Control System is used to share resources, and communication by construction of unified hardware platform; by integration of interconnection system to realize integrate and interconnect, using concentrated information to serve passengers and subway company; such as environment and equipment monitoring system, automatic fire alarm system, shielded gate access control system, broadcasting system, CCTV system, urgent evacuation system. Looped network topology is required, and high-reliable, real-time, convergence, compatibility are required, considering the control of broadcast domain and safety, we usually use 3 layers communication network for subway main control system.

Subway Integrated Supervisory Control System


The operation of subway, can not without the monitoring system, real-time broadcasting system, passenger service system, passenger flow monitoring system, fire alarm system, temperature and humidity monitoring system. So, Subway Main Control System operate smoothly, need of a communication network with high-reliability, high-stability, high-security.


  • Extra high back panel, extra buffer memory, meet with data transmission of every subsystem

  • 3 layers routing function, each subsystem with individual broadcast domain

  • Routing strategy is supported, ACL, route-map access

  • Unified network management, centralization control, fault inspection are supported

  • Electromagnetic compatibility of all equipment are required,IP40 protection grade

  • Capability of whole communication network: host andbackup redundant, failure node evade

  • Key equipment operation time MTBF≥10years


Front end access layer adopt Primestone IS2000 and ISC1000 serial servers, for subway CCTV, fire alarm system, real-time broadcasting system, temperature and humidity monitoring system to join up with terminal nodes;such as monitoring camera, broadcast speaker, TVs, drought fan, access control, temperature and humidity sensor. Converge layer adopt IS3000 series switches to converge gigabit, backup redundant, IS5000 series has routing function and access filtration function. The construction staff will divide different VLAN for different business flow, protect it is safe and working steady. Engineer makes redundant looped network topology and load balancing strategy according to business nodes distribution and clients requirement, maximum ensure data transmission reliable from every subsystem.

Subway Integrated Supervisory Control System


  • Extra high back panel, extra buffer memory, link-speed forwarding without packet loss International standard ITU G.8032 looped network redundant technology, fault link switch time<20ms

  • Meet IEC61850.IEEE1613.EN50155.EN50121 standard, 4K VLAN.8K MAC capacity, meet the requirement of business expansion

  • Static router, RIP, OSPF, BGP protocols

  • 485.422.232 serial protocols conversion transmission

  • Unified network management, automatic generate system topology, IProxy Configuration, fault inspection

  • Anti-vibration, DIN-rack mounted, data transmission steady under harsh environment


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