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Tunnel Monitoring Network Transmission System

Date: 2017-06-05
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Due to the narrow space, low visibility, complex environment in the tunnel, the security management is difficult. For security, to improve traffic efficiency of tunnel, installed a set of intelligent monitoring system, including fire detector, jet fan, intelligent lightning, signal control, variable information board. When breaking of fire or traffic accident, monitoring system can be used to linkage management center, to evacuate people, upload real situation in the tunnel to help emergency rescue. In addition, set up a control center near to tunnel, for daily management.

Tunnel Monitoring Network Transmission System



  • Full GE fiber ports, meet with requirements of video, broadcast, alarm, information and data transmission

  • Automatic redundant network connection, ensuring data transmission steady

  • Different traffic with autonomous channel, non-interfering, ensure transmission channel reliable


The intelligent monitoring system in the tunnel is mainly used to detect and suppress the fire. The temperature detector can detect fire, carbon monoxide detector for the detection of air quality, the camera used to monitor traffic flow and screen, once the accident occurred in the tunnel, you can quickly inform the management center. When the accident occurs, the system will automatically activate the lighting system, ventilation system, and broadcast the location of the incident, the scene and provide real-time road condition for other sections of the vehicles. Because the system needs the real-time transmission of video, broadcast, information and emergency alarm data, it is necessary to build a communication network with high bandwidth, high density and high reliability. Primestone dedicated serial server used to connect a variety of BUS controller, the sensor collected data upload in real-time, IS2000 is used to converge data of video, broadcast, and alarm light, by means of fiber ports and IS3000 to form a GE fiber ring. For convenience of whole network monitoring and troubles hooting, the communication network used Primestone NIS industrial management software.

Tunnel Monitoring Network Transmission System


  • A set of network communication solution, integrate data collection, transmission network, platform software.

  • Full GE fiber backbone redundant ring, multiple services unified transmission

  • International standard redundant solution, automatic switching time<20ms

  • Damp-proof, dust-proof, operating under harsh environment is supported

  • Open software design, compatible with various basic communication system

  • Extra high back panel bandwidth, extra large cache, extra high transmission channel, fluent transmission


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