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Intelligent Lighting Control System-GPRS Solution

Date: 2017-06-05
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In the application of intelligent transportation, urban public lighting system plays an important role in the whole city transportation, it can protect the safety of pedestrians and drivers. However, to maintain the city's roads and other networks requires a lot of energy and financial resources. Not only that, street lights often consume a lot of energy, but also have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, the establishment of a lighting control system is a popular solution, which can help the city government to reduce energy consumption, to achieve a green low-carbon city. The lighting control system comprises a control circuit for controlling lights and each light with a ballast, a network operation protocol, etc.. In order to save costs and energy consumption, Primestone combined with practical applications, to provide supporting network application solutions to achieve the highest efficiency of municipal lighting control system.

Intelligent Lighting Control System-GPRS Solution 


  • Network is easy expansion for the future using

  • Low-cost, maintenance friendly, energy control

  • Remote lighting switch, monitoring climate

  • Open BUS ports, meet data acquisition of various sensors

  • Reliable, efficient, secure network connection for serial PLC

  • Industrial design, anti-vibration, damp proof,

  • Anti-corrosion, dust-proof


In this system, the PLC is connected to each lamp pole to control the lights. Through the use of serial interface PLC, with the serial networking devices to connect serial port PLC with remote control center, so as to achieve a complete lighting monitoring system. In China's urban cellular GSM/GPRS network has been fully covered, so Primestone decided to use the cellular network to connect all the street lamps in order to make full use of existing infrastructure. In this way, the city not only saves additional wiring costs, but also saves a lot of maintenance costs. In this solution, the ING3400 series 4G router is a powerful industrial networking equipment, connect Ethernet and serial devices through the built-in VPN , the PLC on the lights and ING3400 series 4G router connected, in the control center computer can easily through the network monitoring city lights, and optimize according to the weather condition .


Intelligent Lighting Control System-GPRS Solution


  • Through the use of low-cost cellular network to achieve unattended public lighting control system, not only reduces the cost of personnel and management, reduce the maintenance costs, but also for future expansion

  • According to the brightness and climate conditions, to achieve effective energy optimization

  • ING3400series 4G router supports VPN, provides reliable, efficient, secure network connection

  • 4G router automatic inspection, automatic output alarm information,fast localize the fault node

  • Multiple serial ports, for connection of various BUS sensor

  • Industrial level 4 design, anti-mist anti-vibration, anti-shocks, anti-corrosion


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