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Intelligent Guidance Data Communication System

Date: 2017-06-04
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City traffic guidance system is an important means to enhance the efficiency of city road traffic, the traffic guidance system, through the related technology (such as GIS, GPS, navigation and modern wireless communication technology) integration, effectively guide the running of vehicles, reduce vehicle running time, and finally realize the traffic equilibrium assignment in the whole road network. The effect is mainly manifested in the following two aspects: first, to provide real time route guidance for drivers, so as to avoid getting lost and driving errors, and reduce the rate of traffic accidents; secondly, according to the travel destination of the user, to provide information to the optimization of the route, which is greatly convenient for travelers. This put forward higher requirements for the efficiency of the traffic guidance system, especially the information collection, processing and distribution of the real time and effectiveness, so a stable and efficient induction of transmission network is crucial to upload data and information release.

Intelligent Guidance Data Communication System 


  • Guidance information release real-time, hi-reliable network

  • Data acquisition-analysis-information release, guidance data real-time forwarding, low transmission delay

  • Various BUS ports transmission supported, such as RS232/485/422

  • Open network solution, compatible with private network and public network as well cloud data

  • Various security mechanism, against data falsify


ISC1000 series Serial server of Primestone is used to connect sensor of data collector with data display terminals, by means of Ethernet ports to connect all nodes of this road section, ISC1000 linked with field switch IS2000, IS2000 uplink to IS3000. IS3000 via fiber ports form backbone fiber looped network, to ensure the stable communication function of data collection and guidance data. Meanwhile enable the function of port binding and access filter, secure the data of data server, administration center uses IS3000 built network is compatible with the network of video monitoring , peccancy, weather forecast, that can predict more accurate guidance.

Intelligent Guidance Data Communication System


  • Used for industrial BUS port server, meet with various BUS ports sensor.

  • Meet with national standard of GB/T 30094-2013

  • Open standard system design, compatible with various system network

  • Bypass technology, single node power fault, data not loss

  • Extra-high back panel bandwidth, extra large buffer memory, quick and effective data forwarding

  • IP40 protection grade. MTBF≥10 years. unattended operation

  • Industrial hardware design, power supply protection, port protection


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