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Electronic Toll Collection(ETC) Data Transmission System

Date: 2017-06-04
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Toll-gate is a bottleneck, that normally trigger traffic jam, not only delay passing time, but also increase emissions of CO2 . There for, all over the world transportation departments require to adopt non-stop electronic toll collection system (ETC),to stabilize the traffic flow. ETC toll-gate equipped laser detector, for vehicle plate recognition, using electromagnetic induction lamp technology to confirm vehicles information, also used to detect vehicle model, peccancy, owner's information, balance etc. ETC keeps road clear, reduce passing time .

Electronic Toll Collection(ETC) Data Transmission System


  • Toll data time ≤0.5s

  • Toll gate sends system parameter to lane average waiting time≤60s

  • Lane operation data upload to toll gate database time≤1s

  • High-reliability, unattended ,MTBF≥10years

  • High speed data forwarding capability


Equipped IS2000 switch at toll-gate of expressway, to form redundant ring topology, to ensure at least 2 ways reach to local server from detection node of each vehicle, avoid of link fault effect toll collection system. Each toll-gate uses core IS6000 with multiple GE fiber ports cascade management center, used to upload toll data and to download vehicles update database ,IS2000and IS6000 switches have not only MAC binding, IP binding and ACL strategy technology secure server, and also have QINQ technology to realize expressway VLAN repeat . Primestone switch, ultra short forwarding delay technology between ports, quick response toll request, reduce the toll time, maximum improve throughput rate of Traffic flow .

Electronic Toll Collection(ETC) Data Transmission System


  • Ports delay<10μm, delay jitter<1μm

  • EMC 4 industrial design, independent dual redundant power supply input

  • QINQ technology, meet with the multiplex VLAN configuration

  • Fan-less, green, environmental protection, extra-low power consumption

  • Extra-large back panel bandwidth, extra-high buffer memory, top-speed response to authentication request packet

  • Hardware storm resistance, port binding .802.1x

  • Reprocessing response, top-speed cache technology, reduce vehicles passing time


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